LIMITED TIME ONLY - and possibly the only window to order tubestock before end of October!

Tubestock list was current at 6pm 1st October and will only be available until we reach order capacity.  The tubestock list will be removed when too much stock becomes unavailable and no further tubestock orders will be taken so we can clear received orders.

Plants are listed as accurately as possible.

  • MINIMUM TUBESTOCK SPEND IS $60 on all orders and allow 4 x additional options for the possibility that your choices are unavailable.  Prices are shown on the list below.

  • DO NOT include pots in a tubestock order and do not include tubestock in a pot order as they are processed by different teams.  Combination orders will not be considered as they are picked by entirely different teams.

  • Orders are processed on a first come, first served basis.  Picking of orders will only be done Tuesday to Friday, and Pickup days are to be advised due to teams working around each other.

  • Order is by email via Contact Us page