Climbers list was updated on 17th October. 

Plants are listed as accurately as possible and orders will be filled on a first in first served basis.

  • Climbers do vary in vigor and climbing potential.  Some hardenbergias are ground covers but we still list them here under climbers (they are just short climbers!)

  • They mostly flower in Spring and summer

  • Most climbers can suffer some frost damage.  Some occur locally to Canberra but the grow in microclimates.  Even a really tough rocky batter is a microclimate that provides certain desirable protections.

  • Many climbers are understorey plants and will grow in shade or dappled sun quite happily

  • Climbers usually like some supplementary watering

  • Australian climbers that we stock are evergreen

  • Prune after frosts.  Most can be pruned hard.