We proudly stock THE largest range of Australian Native Plants in the ACT and surrounds. 

We specialise in local species as well as hardy and cold tolerant natives, and carry a large range of native plant varieties, ranging in size from tubestock to 200mm, plus a growing range of advanced stock.

Covid is still affecting Canberra and whilst the restrictions have eased, we continue to practis safe Covid measures including social distancing and mask wearing where appropriate. 


Winter Trading

Winter is here for 2022 and so are our winter trading hours.  See the Contact Us page or the banner at the bottom of every page for details.

Winter is still a great time to plant natives, provided that those natives are frost hardy.

Canberra usually has a very short Spring and then a very long hot dry summer. 

Why plant in winter?

     -  less work for you

     -  they need less watering,

     -  the ground is softer to dig,

     -  they are well established before we get to spring and will require much less water over the summer as a result.

Winter is also a great time for staff training and as a result we will open a little later on Tuesdays until the end of July2022.

Come and visit us during winter and see what a great range is available at this time of year.

Happy planting.

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